"We stumbled upon LTD Tennis 3 years ago when our daughter (then 6) decided that she was bored of winning the virtual tennis opponent on her X-Box. She wanted to experience the real deal. We Googled a bit and researched a few companies offering a similar service, but were astounded at the service and expertise that LTD Tennis offered. We were most pleasantly surprised with the warm manner in which we were received at LTD Tennis. The amount of time and energy put into the lessons, the patience they have with the children and the expertise they offer is by far the best I have seen. Furthermore the passion that the owner, Francois Hoon, has for tennis, is something that rubs off on my daughter, who is now nine. She cannot wait for her lesson each week. The skills she has learned is something she will carry with her for life and will build on each time she lifts her racquet.

I can highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested.

Kindest Regards
Tanya Mans"


"My son has been with the LTD for nearly two years from the age of 7. We find it brilliant for his coordination and social skills as well as some great outdoor exercise and a few hours away from his PlayStation is a bonus. I'm in no hurry for him to be the next Federer and with Francois fantastic assistance he has learnt the basics well and will step up to the next level very soon. Francois allows the kids to develop at their own pace and is always very welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and very good with kids. The one thing that's clear is that the dedication understanding and love for the game by the school is profound. I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking for their kids to learn to play the game in a safe environment and in the hands of dedicated professionals."
Eugene Pillai


"My daughter, age 9 has been attending LTD Tennis lessons since 2012. We have found the coaching to be of a high standard as well as loads of fun for her. The lessons run timeously and efficiently. I would highly recommend LTD Tennis and Francois Hoon!

Many thanks,
Carol Beckmann"


"My son started with LTD Tennis in Grade R and this was the ideal introduction to the game. With their smaller courts and slower balls, he was able to learn the basics of tennis quickly and easily, without years of frustration as at the time he was probably not much taller than a standard tennis net! With LTD, he always looked forward to his tennis lesson.

He left LTD tennis after 3 years to move to a tennis group which plays on a full court with a yellow tennis ball, and his game was in no way disadvantaged because of his different background. He made the transition to a full-sized court effortlessly. His reason for leaving LTD was simply that he wanted to play tennis with his friends, who were all with a different coach. However, two years after leaving he often still wonders if he made the right decision because he misses LTD and their wonderful coaches! The patience that LTD's coaches have with the children is remarkable. The coaches are always ready to offer a word of encouragement, which inspires the children to do better. The coaches have a genuine love not only for the game of tennis, but also for each of the children in their care. Over the years I have had the privilege of watching many sessions of LTD tennis with a variety of coaches, and their way of working with the children has really impressed me.

The activities during an LTD lesson are varied, so the children don't have time to get bored. Sometimes the children might think they're just playing games, but all the activities are carefully structured to teach agility, footwork and accuracy on a tennis court. What could be better than learning through play?

If you are thinking of enrolling your child for tennis lessons, than I would highly recommend LTD tennis.

Kind regards,
Gayle Loubser"


"My daughter (11) has been attending LTD Tennis lessons for the past three years and absolutely loves it. My son (7) also invited himself to join this year after seeing other boys his age on court. More than just learning great tennis techniques, they learn so many social skills. My kids have learnt how to take turns, wait, encourage others and how to loose in a safe environment. As both my kids get over stimulated and distracted easily the small groups work wonderful for us - a lot of individual attention and Francois has the ability to keep them focused with interesting activities and games. Francois also effortlessly connects with kids at their age and ability. Physically it is a great workout for them and I can see their bodies getting fit and strong. So yes, if you are looking for a well rounded approach to tennis coaching - LTD is it!"
Monique Ritter


"Our son, now 13, has been playing tennis with LTD as part of the homeschooled tennis group, since the last quarter of 2010. When Francois took over from Conrad at LTD we were very glad; because that meant Jean-Jacques could just continue with his tennis as usual. He enjoys the professional, yet relaxed, friendly and personalized training. Francois and his coaches are people oriented, highly professional in their coaching and I can recommend any parent to entrust their children with LTD. Enjoyment of tennis is instilled, and that in a safe environment."
Lourina Mouton